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Glenside Ecological Services Limited provides a comprehensive set of data management consulting services for clients in the fields of wildlife and habitat biology. Glenside offers a variety of skills and areas of specialization – from simple data synthesis and summary, to the development of extensive relational databases and statistical analyses of complex data sets. Data management services provided include:

Database Development

Glenside consolidates and compiles data collected from studies of wildlife, habitats and related projects. Developed in Microsoft Access, databases designed (or simply optimized) by Glenside are secure, user-friendly, and tailored to the needs of the client.

  • Database design and development in requested format and platform;
  • Error checking and cross validation; graphical plotting and residual examination;
  • Relational database management (e.g. geographic coordinates, habitat variables, vegetation types and wildlife population data);
  • Module/macro design using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) allowing for specific error handling, new functions, events based on return values and manipulation of data in a recordset on a record-by-record basis;
  • Secure, customized search forms engineered to extract and summarize information in an interactive, simple and intuitive manner;
  • User-friendly, interactive data entry forms for convenient manual input of future data, secure from entry errors and database corruption.

Data Summary and Analyses

In addition to database development, Glenside provides a wide range of analytical services. Graphical examination of data sets, statistical analysis, and simulation modeling are a few examples of the expertise provided by our personnel. Working closely with clients, Glenside develops accurate and effective answers to database questions faced by wildlife managers and biologists – and perhaps more importantly, addresses the limitations inherent in any data set.

  • A wide variety of descriptive statistics and graphical profiles, exploratory statistics, power analysis;
  • Hypothesis testing, regression analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA);
  • Before After Control Impact (BACI) analysis, time series analysis, repeated measures;
  • Multivariate statistics, e.g. principal components analysis, cluster analysis;
  • Analysis of radio and satellite telemetry data, species distribution modelling, multi-species habitat analysis, species richness mapping.

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