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Glenside assists landowners in developing a Managed Forest Plan that is realistic, achievable and tailored to meet the individual landowners objectives; while establishing a healthy sustainable forest. Glenside personnel are certified Managed Forest Plan Approvers (MFPA) for the Ontario Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP), have prepared and approved more than 180 forest management plans, and have been recognized by the MNRF for Best Management Plan. With a strong background in wildlife biology and habitat assessment, Glenside specializes in management plans with wildlife, environmental protection and recreational objectives.


Glenside works closely with landowners to tailor their management forest plan to their specific interests and objectives:

  • Outline Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) requirements, opportunities and goals;
  • Define landowner objectives for forests, wetlands and open habitats;
  • Explore and select short-term activities that are achievable and effective in reaching landowner objectives.


A comprehensive inventory of the property will be conducted to identify habitats, widlife, opportunities and constraints:

  • Conduct preliminary desktop analysis using high resolution aerial imagery, forest resource inventory data, and GIS technology to define forest compartments and produce field maps;
  • Conduct stratified inventory of compartments to define tree species composition and compile floral and faunal species lists;
  • Verify and refine compartment boundaries and eligibility for MFTIP program;

Management Plan and Approval

Management Plans are developed and approved in accordance with the MFTIP guidelines:

  • Compile and analyze field data;
  • Refine and produce property maps including administrative map, compartment and aerial imagery map;
  • Provide draft management plan detailing property history, compartment profiles, long term objectives, and short term activities;
  • Finalize and approve management plan in accordance with MFTIP guidelines.

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