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Environmental Restoration Project, Panama Ordnance Disposal

with Wolf’s Flat Ordnance Disposal Corp., Panama Canal Rangelands, Panama

  • Designed a long term ecological monitoring project to detect detrimental impacts resulting from the clearance of ordnance from the Panama Canal Rangelands. The habitat and behaviour of known bio-indicators were examined and two bio-indicator groups of species were recommended based on their suitability. Inventory methodologies were reviewed and a precise procedure for data collection that would allow for rigorous statistical analysis was recommended;
  • Designed an asset management system that would allow for the systematic and comprehensive clearance of ordnance from the Panama Canal Rangelands. Manageable land units were recommended based on clearance rates and contamination and a process for prioritizing units for clearance was recommended. A data management system was conceptualized and appropriate technology recommended.

Environmental Impact Assessment, Panama Ordnance Disposal

with Wolf’s Flat Ordnance Disposal Corp., Panama Canal Rangelands, Panama

  • Conducted a technical evaluation of the environmental impacts associated with the clearing of unexploded ordnance from the Panama Canal rangelands;
  • Inventoried dominant tree species at sample clearing sites to identify available habitat and correlate with faunal communities;
  • Consulted with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute scientists conducting relevant research in the Panama Canal area for further identification of potential impacts;
  • Based on the sample project and interviews, full-scale impact projections were outlined and recommendations on possible mitigation techniques proposed.


Sea Otter Database

Monterey Bay Aquarium (MBA) and the Oiled Wildlife Care Network, California, USA

  • Developed a relational Access database to provide sea otter care facilities with a comprehensive and powerful tool for recording, storing, summarizing and analyzing all types of data associated with the captive care of sea otters;
  • Data incorporated into SOD include: animal acquisition and disposition, feeding, housing, grooming,open-ocean training, behavioural observations, medical examination, medical diagnostics, scheduled activities, washing, and other data specific to otters stranded or rescued as a result of an oil spill;
  • Glenside consults with MBA biologists annually to manage and revise captive and wild sea otter databases (SOD) in accordance to the needs of the MBA;
  • This is an ongoing project and Glenside has been providing data management services to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for over 18 years.


Guanaco Parental Investment Study

Iowa State University, Iowa USA

  • Captured, immobilized and radio collared guanacos;
  • Tracked animals via radio telemetry, monitored population movements;
  • Conducted necropsy analysis on chulengo (young guanaco) carcasses;
  • Collected behavioural data, performed censuses of population;


Behavioural Monograph of White-collared Manakins

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

  • Conducted mist netting and colour banding;
  • Mapped lekking area and display courts; made behavioural observations.

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