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Glenside provides road ecology services in the form of mortality risk assessments, landscape modelling, mitigation design and layout, and effectiveness testing.

Road Mortality and Site Assessment

Glenside assists planners with identifying optimal locations for road mortality mitigation through comprehensive field assessments and landscape modelling.

  • Animal activity and mortality inventories;
  • Adjacent habitat assessments;
  • Hot spot analysis using inventory data;
  • Landscape modelling of wildlife movement patterns using circuit theory.

Mitigation Design and Testing

Glenside is experienced in installing road mortality mitigation and conducting rigorous statistical analysis on the effectiveness of the designs.

  • Barrier wall and ecopassage design (material, openness ratios), layout (length, end design) and placement.
  • Before After Control Impact (BACI) analysis to determine effectiveness of design;
  • Motion camera monitoring and analysis to document and assess wildlife response;

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