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The following details some of the recent Species at Risk projects Glenside has undertaken:

Bats at Risk Assessment

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (OSARSF)

  • Initiated media campaign to promote awareness of bats and white nose syndrome, and to stimulate observation reporting;
  • Coordinated and conducted site visits to private properties with active bat populations;
  • Conducted 3 night inventories of properties using full spectrum ultrasonic bat recorders (Wildlife Acoustic SM2+ and SM4 FS);
  • Analyzed bat spectrograms using Sonobat software to identify species presence/absence and relative activity levels;
  • Determined bat species distribution and representation at the landscape level.

Species at Risk Habitat Modelling

District Municipality of Muskoka/ Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (OSARSF)

  • Researched habitat preferences of 27 Species at Risk;
  • Compiled available spatial data and conducted data gap analysis;
  • Developed new wetland coverage for habitat models;
  • Developed habitat suitability models to predict probability of occurrences and scope field assessments;
  • Conducted statistical analyses to determine significance of correlations between known occurrences and habitat suitability models.

Scoped Biophysical Inventories

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund

  • Conducted a desktop analysis of spatial data to identify suitable habitat for the Wood Turtle, Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Common Five-lined Skink and Peregrine Falcon;
  • Cross-referenced habitat with parcel fabric to identify landowners and contacted to obtain access permission
  • Conducted Wood Turtle inventories of selected rivers in accordance with OMNRf standardized survey protocol;
  • Verified Peregrine Falcon nesting habitat and conducted boat surveys to determine presence of resident Peregrine Falcons;
  • Conducted field inventories of suitable habitat for the Eastern Hog-nosed Snake and Common Five-lined Skink;
  • Geo-referenced and photo-documented Species at Risk observations and delineated newly identified populations.

Turtles at Risk Inventory

Private Landowner/Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

  • Designed study to determine presence of turtles at risk in proximity of proposed development;
  • Conducted spatial review of NHIC database to identify previously documented turtles at risk;
  • Identified and delineated wetlands and typed to Ecological Land Classification - Community Series;
  • Scope project based on range lengths of subject turtles;
  • Conducted field investigations and geo-referenced turtle observations;
  • Monitored effort and produced report detailing methodology and results.

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