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Glenside conducts shoreline assessments to assist landowners with naturalizing and stabilizing their shorelines. Through a comprehensive assessment Glenside develops a detailed shoreline restoration plan to meet the landowners objectives, provide wildlife habitat, enhance aesthetics and stabilize the shoreline. Glenside also facilicates permit applications for the implementation of the plan.

Consultation and Assessment

Glenside works closely with landowners to tailor their shoreline restoration plan to their specific interests and objectives. Through an extensive inventory an accurate profile and site map is developed to identify opportunities.

  • Consultation to identify objectives including viewscapes, wildlife habitat, shoreline stabilization and access points;
  • Upland and aquatic plant inventory and identification of invasive species;
  • Nearshore and onshore slope, and bank height calculations;
  • Soils and substrate assessment;
  • Fish habitat assessment;
  • Erosion assessment and identification of active forces (wave action, current, ice action, surface water runoff, traffic etc.).

Shoreline Restoration Plan

Through the synthesis of the field data and objectives, Glenside develops detailed restoration plans.

  • Detailed shoreline compartment profiles categorized based on restoration requirements;
  • Recommended restoration techniques to optimize naturalization of the shoreline while meeting the objectives of the landowner;
  • Material summaries and cost estimates.

Permit Application and Plan Implementation

Glenside will assist landowners with acquiring the necessary permits for the implementation of the restoration plan.

  • Permit application completion with supporting documentation;
  • On-site consultation with MNRF, DFO and municipal staff;
  • Tender package development and project management.

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