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The following details some of the recent wetland projects Glenside has undertaken:

Wetland Evaluations

Ontario Nature/ Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry/ Lake Associations/ Private Landowners

  • Evaluated and identified as Provincially Significant the following wetland complexes: Milburn Wetland Complex, Percy Lake Wetland Complex, Lochlin Wetland Complex, Horseshoe Lake Wetland Complex, Pine Springs Wetland Complex, Esson Lake Wetland Complex, Jack Lake Wetland Complex;
  • Interpreted high resolution digitial aerial imagery, identified, typed and complexed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES);
  • Conducted field assessment of identified wetlands to verify boundaries and wetland type, collect soil samples, and delineate and profile vegetation communities;
  • Conducted scoped inventories for targeted Species at Risk;
  • Developed geodatabase of vegetation communities, wetland units, soils, catchment basin and Species at Risk observations for integration into LIO/NHIC;
  • Compiled full OWES data record.

Wetland Mapping

Township of Dysart et al/ Private Landowners/ Non-government Organizations

  • Conducted ground verification of wetland mapping for planning purposes;
  • Compiled available spatial data and conducted data gap analysis;
  • Defined wetland edge in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System;
  • Geo-referenced wetland edge using GPS system with sub-metre accuracy;
  • Developed maps and geodatabase for integration into clients GIS systems.

Blanding's Turtle Habitat Delineation

Haliburton Highlands Land Trust/ Ontario Species at Risk Stewardship Fund (OSARSF)

  • Correlated Blanding's Turtle observations with wetland habitat;
  • Interpreted high resolution aerial imagery and accurately delineated wetland boundaries;
  • Complexed and typed wetlands in accordance with the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System;
  • Identified over 5000 ha and 92 wetland complexes of confirmed Blanding's Turtle habitat.

Kushog Lake Watershed: Wetland and Stream Desktop Analysis

Kushog Lake Property Owners Association

  • Digitally delineated all wetland boundaries using high resolution aerial imagery, surface models, topography and other base data;
  • Remotely typed wetlands using high resolution aerial imagery;
  • Prioritized wetlands for further investigation based on size, known occurrences of Species at Risk and/or wetland type;
  • Produced a map depicting wetlands and wetland type, and summarized findings with recommendations for further studies;
  • Results to be integrated into the Kushog Lake/ Lake St. Nora Lake Plan.

Integrating Enhanced Wetland Mapping into the Municipal Planning Process

Ducks Unlimited Canada

  • Facilitated the integration of new wetland policy and mapping with existing natural heritage policy and mapping;
  • Analyzed municipal policies for Provincially Significant Wetlands and other wetlands;
  • Identified barriers preventing municipalities from adopting the new mapping and developed approaches to overcome those barriers;
  • Determined if the DUC Interim Protocol for Use (of wetland mapping) met the needs of the municipalities.

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